Hi and welcome to my blog.

I’m passionate about people, faith, and living with integrity.

You can read a bit more about me on the about page, but for almost all of my Christian life I have wanted people to experience God like I do: best friend, confidant – someone you can really talk to, and someone who knows you deeply.  Sometimes I wish he’d talk back more often.  Maybe he does and it just passes me by.

I find faith and God in all sorts of things.  I’ve always loved science, and find it does so much to strengthen my faith – particularly when doubt is really strong.  I love nature, and find it easier to meet God there.

I’ve loved Psalm 42 for many years, and my next post will be about “deep calls to deep”.  It’s one of the framing verses for my life, and certainly my approach to working with people.

I’ve worked with people in mission for all of my adult life, particularly with teenagers, but always with teams made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, whatever…

I believe to have integrity as a person and follower of Jesus, it’s important to see those around me as real, living people – not objects, but people with feelings.  They have a whole world inside them.  They, like the rest of us, long to be loved, to be known, to be accepted.

I try to see people as God sees them – not just the surface, but to seek the things in them that make God smile.

I believe I have a ministry to a greater or lesser degree to everyone around me – my family, people I work with, or the guy serving at the petrol station.

I know that there is a valid place for externals in helping people grow and be at their best: rules, boundaries etc.  But I deeply believe that compliance is only helpful to a certain extent.  The best things in life can’t be imposed.  And when it comes to having faith – I’m certain that the only valid faith is one that comes from within a person.  Manipulation, coercion, pressure are all not only a waste of time in that they can’t produce a real faith – but they do violence to the individual.  Faith that isn’t real is pointless in the long run.

So this blog is about the search for what comes from within – from the place where God speaks to us: the gentle whisper.  Where what is deep in him calls to what is deep in us, and resonates.


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