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  1. Yes, the big picture is mind spinning, isn’t it Steve. I love it too. And when we glimpse it it brings hope and excitement, even in touch times.
    Did you ever come across John Polkinghorne’s book “Science and Religion in Quest of the Truth”…I found it great!

  2. I just wrote a comment but it disappeared into the ether! I very much appreciate your reflections Steve…the glimpses into the hugeness of creation and God’s amazing world is such a source of hope and even joy.
    Did you ever come across John Polkighorne’s book, “Science and Religion and the Quest for Truth”? it’s great. Go well. Anne

  3. Great thoughts, Stephen. I particularly relate to your third paragraph regarding doubting God’s existence and then looking at creation and acknowledging that it as far too incredible to be a mere coincidence. I’ve been having a bit of a plug now and then that we need to acknowledge God’s hand in our day to day lives. Your Mum drew my attention to your blog – I’ll have to bookmark it so I can keep track of it. Great to see you using your writing skills – a wonderful way to clarify thoughts.

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